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Founded in June 2003, Hangzhou Weiku Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which operates e-commerce platforms for global markets. With headquarter in Hangzhou, China's City of E-commerce, Weiku has been experiencing an unsurpassable expansion through the years, and has become the biggest e-commerce company in China. Currently Weiku is operating China's Marketplace of IC and Electronic Parts (DZSC.com), Global Portal of Chemicals Business (LookChem.com), Int'l Marketplace of IC and Electronic Parts (SeekIC.com), global platform for mechanical parts(Seekpart.com), global platform for LED products (www.LedEase.com) and global comprehensive platform (www.weiku.com)

Our mission is to integrate the global trade leads and to benefit both the buyers and sellers, and our vision is to let the world be different with Weiku. We advocate building a working environment which is amicable, passionate, innovative, cooperative and effective, and we advocate all staff of Weiku can live up to their words.

Let's work together to achieve our goal as the world's most prominent giant in the global E-commerce industry, and provide ever-improving services to traders all over the world.


For buyers:
1.Posting buying leads;
2.Looking for products from our deliberately selected suppliers around the world;
3.Searching for product information from our database;
4.Enabling our suppliers to contact buyers by using our Smart Leads Match software.
For sellers:
1.Posting selling leads free for each registered member;
2.Providing audit service to make sure all the leads information posted in WeiKu be in accordance with that on seller's own website or catalogue brochures(WeiKu provides service of constructing website with unique domain name if the seller does not have one);
3.Staying connected with our high quality worldwide buyers of products from all fields using our Smart Leads Match system;
4.Searching for product data from our professional database;
5.Prioritizing the ranking for all selling leads in the search results;
6.Instantly refreshing selling leads to enable buyers to find suppliers easily.

  Huangshan Tianma Aluminum Co.,Ltd. which established in 2007 is a joint venture by Huangshan Yongjia Group and 

Huangshan Tianma Chemistry. The company is equipped with two advanced hydrophilic aluminum foil coating production 

line and perfect machine testing & inspection equipment. A group of experienced professional technical personnel help to 

make qualified, stable and reliable products meet the domestic leading level.We passed ISO9001:2000 quality management 

system certification and ROHS test and CTI test for years.

  Aluminum products which we can produce are: aluminum foils for air conditioners, golden and blue hydrophilic foils for air 

conditioners, aluminum foils for air conditioning radiator fins.The hydrophilic coating has many merits, such as high corrosion

 resistance, no white powder, no pollution, without water bridge, high heat exchange effciency, reducing windage and reducing

 the noise, conserving energy and anti-mildew agent and no off-flavor and so on. 

  Hangzhou Fuming Refrigeration Co., Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise which belongs to Fuming Group. The company is professionally engaged in refrigerant R&D, manufacturing and distribution. The headquarters of the company is located in Hangzhou City , which is famous for its beautiful West Lake . With two manufacture bases, three filling workshops and a R&D centre, Fuming dedicated itself to the manufacturing and distribution of the fluorine refrigerants, discovering and developing the environment-friendly refrigerants. Nowadays, the main products of the company have covered the traditional refrigerants, such as R12, R22, R 134A , R 407C , R410 and R502, and the environmental protection refrigerants. 60% of the products are exported to abroad.
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